Ace Aceto

It's 8:30PM. You and your friends are laughing hysterically at that guy you meet at every party. The guy who holds court in the living room entertaining the guests. But wait - you're not at a party. You are watching ACE ACETO work his "Welcome To My Living Room"  style of comedy. Let the show begin...

He may look young, but for the past decade Ace Aceto has been entertaining audiences with his unique and edgy twist on topics ranging from Buffalo Wings to Catholic Guilt.  Ace energetically works the stage adding lots of audience participation to his shows. You never know what may come out of his mouth next - but rest assured that Ace will always let the crowd in on  the real fun.

With his instantly likable stage presence-and ability to walk the line between innocent boy-next-door and biting edge comic, Ace Aceto takes his audiences on a hysterical ride, performing dead on impressions of Casey Kasem, Gilbert Gottfried, Bobcat Goldwaith, and Eric Cartman.  Throughout his shows, the audiences are always on Ace's side, as he plows through hot topics and current issues, saying what most folks are afraid to say - but may have been thinking all night.

Ace has worked with such comic luminaries as Anthony Clarke, Jeff Dunham, Jim Brewer, The Amazing Jonathan, Kevin Meaney, Mark Curry, and Jon Stewart. Ace has also opened for such acts as Huey Lewis & The News, Luther Vandross, and Herb Reed & The Platters.

A Rhode Island native, Ace worked clubs, colleges, and corporate dates up and down the East Coast, before working on stage as Demetrius in Shakespear's "A Mid-Summer Nights' Dream." In 1998 he completed his first film role, in the independent feature film "BoxedMAN", capturing attention from casting agents from Disney-Touchstone as well as 20th Century Fox.

No stranger to the corporate world, Ace has been involved in various facets of the pharmaceutical and medical industries for over a decade. Most recently he has worked for a major pharmaceutical company.

Booking Information: Office - (781) 245-5312
                                     Cell -     (781) 799-3884